This collection is for sale


This collection, one of the biggest collections of crown caps and pull-off caps is for sale.

The collection is composed of 23,154 cataloguised crown caps and about 200/300 which I did not put online. All the caps may be seen in this web site (see «Collection» in the upper menue).

Most of the caps are from beer, and some from cider. The collection was actively made between 2001 and 2015, some caps from self-drank beers in 2016 are also amoung the non cataloguized caps.

The crown caps come from 192 countries and territories, including exotic and rare ones (here are some examples):

Nothern Cyprus




South Sudan

449 cork lined, many are rare (here are some examples):

United States



South Africa


    The selling price of the collection is 1,000,000 Russian Roubles    
(16,200 US Dollars, 15,400 Euro)

(about 42.50 Roubles/0.7 US Dollars/0.65 Euro per crown cap)

or best offer.

If you buy the collection, on top you get free of charge:

1) 96 albums Leuchtturm Champ Classic, in which a part of the collection is stocked — in Russia these albums cost today 2,340 Roubles for the cover + 320 Roubles for each of the 5 folders.

Thus, buying the collection you get for free beautiful albums for its storage for a total price of 378,240 Russian Roubles (6,100 US Dollars/5,820 Euro).

2) 35 framed wooden boards on which another part of the collection is stocked.

3) 13 folders with the rest of the collection.

4) You also get 2.5 boxes with the trading stock (I did not count them, but they are several thousands), including rare and exotic crown caps.

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Viber: +79636392790


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